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About Sylva

Dedicated to the conservation, protection and renewal of trees worldwide.
Fostering a respect for trees and encouraging, sometimes rediscovering, a tree culture.
Highlighting a range of tree related issues; every which way and whatsoever about trees and their lives.
Through story telling and other relevant promotion to highlight the plight of our friends - the trees of the world.


Imagine, we humans, could change places with trees and observe life from their perspective. What would we do to sustain and assist both our own lives and those of all the living beings around us. Trees have evolved into one of the main pillars of the life support system on planet earth. They are primed to perform a caring and nurturing role for the entire natural world.

In past times humanity had a great respect for trees. Down through the years trees have provided us with timber, fruits and medicinal products. They have regulated our climate and provided us with the very air we breathe. Once we knew how to listen to them. In these challenging times we need more than ever to rediscover that skill. Let us listen and learn.

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